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A manufacturer of plastic film for auto and manual in various widths and thicknesses.

Company Iranian industry reaction

In the year 1390 utilizes internal engineers and private funds can be in the field of production of plastic film. The company is proud that in the field of rigging supplied by using a different Cast technology, in terms of quality and functional capabilities of the standard offer customers attest to the claim. In addition, by taking advantage of the company's strategic planning was successful within a period of 3 years to 5 years on their Outlook and in 1394, with considerable investment relative to their production capacity and quality and adding production lines for a modern and up to date equipment and stretch 3-layer trust meets the customers in the field of providing quality products world and more affordable.

Plastic Film produced by the reaction of Iranian industry with brand ESI, using technology Cast and automatic production lines with the ability to adapt to request a range of clients in various industries and in width and thickness varied for a variety of purposes manually (Hand Wrap ) and machine (machine Wrap) can be produced.template-5

target-1view :

Becoming the first class company and leader in the packaging industry and related services In Iran and in accordance with the demands of customers, stakeholders and our community

target-1Mission :

Our mission is to produce plastic film packaging products to protect the goods with minimal cost to our customers. It is useful that we can establish a mutual relationship with customers and their employees, customers expectations in terms of quality, cost and delivery times meet supply.

target-1Product quality:

Quality control system in the production of plastics based on the philosophy of zero defect production (ZQC) and using anti-error devices (Poka Yoke) is designed to automatically and non-contact. The capabilities of this system is instant and continuous control, maintaining the desired thickness and to keep under control the production process to prevent nonconforming product is produced.


Our strategy is designed based on the following objectives when

Education, knowledge and expertise needed first year
Producing excellent quality products on the Iranian market second year
Sure to become a supplier for our customers in all areas third year
Get 60% of the market share in Iran forth year
Exporting 40% of production Fifth year
target-1History :
registered manufacturing company Iranian industry reaction 1390
research project on plastic film packaging industry 1390
start business activities related to the packaging industry 1390
Stretch and shrink-wrap production line installed in 1391 in the industrial town Mamuniyeh
Stretch and shrink film production in 1391 with a capacity of 1800 tons per year.