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Types of polyethylene

Polyethylene is classified according to their density in the density of the polymer chains and the type and number of branches in the chain involved:

  HDPEHigh-density polyethylene The polyethylene has no branched polymer chains so the force between the molecular chains and high tensile strength is greater than the rest of polyethylene. Reaction conditions and type of catalyst used in the production of polyethylene HDPE it is affect. For the production of polyethylene catalysts Ziegler Natta polymerization method without branches usually used.

 LDPELow density polyethylene The polyethylene has branched chain, so the chain LDPE Can not bond well with each other and have weak intermolecular forces and tensile strength less. Usually this type of polyethylene is produced by radical polymerization. The properties of these polymers, flexibility and the possibility of decomposition by microorganisms


Polyethylene Linear Low Density Polyethylene This is a linear polymer with a number of short branches and is usually caused by long-chain alkenes ethylene copolymerization


MDPE medium density polyethylene. Lvlhhy polyethylene PE of wide use in the production of plastic parts used in the kitchen and the food industry. Of LDPE

in the production of plastic containers and plastic bags used style


And all kinds of plastic containers for liquid milk and the kitchen.

In the production of plastic pipes and pipe fittings usually MDPE use. LLDPE Due to the high level of flexibility in the production of flexible plastic goods such as tubes used tilt. Recently, many studies in the production of long chain poly-Atylnhayy with short branches and has been done. The polyethylene in principle HDPE Are a number of lateral branches. The polyethylene composition, strength HDPEAnd flexibility LDPE Have.

Polyethylene fundamental divisions

HDPE High-density polyethylene

LDPE Low Density Polyethylene

LLDPE Linear low-density polyethylene

VLDPE Very light polyethylene

COPOLYMERS Copolymers of ethylene-vinyl ester


XLPE Crosslinked polyethylene