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A manufacturer of plastic film for auto and manual in various widths and thicknesses.

Shrink film

Shrink film produced by the reaction of Iranians benefiting from the technology industry Blown And is capable of printing flexibility. The main use of shrink film Shrink packaging industry is using the device.The product according to the printing capabilities of a range of industries and clients are included.

Shrink film production line :

The industry's reaction, the Iranian company has 4 production lines can be shrink film. The company's ability to shrink production lines produce a wide range of the product of the width of 20 cm to meters as 150 Cm tube (tube) and a width of 40 cm to 300 cm in single layer with thickness of 40 microns up to 400 microns. Production technology of these lines have been Blown by the latest control technology in the world.

The benefits of using shrink film

Affordable and economical

Can be used in all products and industries

High resistance to heat and rupture

High weight-bearing

Ensure the safety of goods packed

Preventing the ingress of dust and moisture

The ability to print on both sides of the film

Long after the packaging during storage