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A manufacturer of plastic film for auto and manual in various widths and thicknesses.

Stretch Film

Plastic film produced by the reaction of Iranian industry trade show with E.S. I using Cast technology and you wholly Blown chooses with automatic lines and meet the needs of clients in a variety of thickness and width. The major application of rigging in packing products. Rigging produced by this company more used manually (Hard Wrap) and car (Warp Machine).

3-layer stretch film line:

Enterprises reaction of Iranian industry in 1394 according to market demand and customer requests as well as realizing its strategic plan,Buys and launch a line of 3-layer stretch film was the Cast method.

 Single-layer stretch film production line:

The company started its activities with production by this line. This production line using local engineers to update knowledge and technology Cast Stretch daily production capacity of 6 tons is a high quality and transparency.

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Products from 10 to 150 cm width

Products from 10 to 40 microns thick

The modulus of elasticity up to 400%

High adhesion (according to customer requirements)

High resistance against puncture and tear

Can be used on devices with high-speed hardware palette

Thickness uniformity

Benefits of stretch film production company E.S.I
Custom Stretch Film
double-left-chevron (1)Ensure the sustainability of the product to the destination
double-left-chevron (1)Low storage
double-left-chevron (1)Durable and economical
double-left-chevron (1)Preventing the ingress of dust and moisture
double-left-chevron (1)Recoverability
double-left-chevron (1)Industrial and food consumption
double-left-chevron (1)Beautifully packaged product
double-left-chevron (1)Affordable and economical
double-left-chevron (1)Silent when packing
double-left-chevron (1)High tension tolerance
double-left-chevron (1)Using first-class materials
double-left-chevron (1)Stretch film colored to distinguish the goods stored
double-left-chevron (1)UV radiation-resistant film for use in outdoor warehouses
double-left-chevron (1)Antifungal stretch film for agricultural use
double-left-chevron (1)Anti-fog film for food applications